Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Vegan…

We all Love burgers but we also want to be careful about our diet, sometimes for specific health reasons and sometimes for just body weight control. We also want to eat more nutritious food while enjoying wonderful burger recipes. Vegetarian burger, vegan options, dietary alternatives are here to help you. Relish provides options for your dietary needs so that you keep control of your health and diet.

Vegetarian Option

If you are a vegetarian or want to enjoy vegetarian option in your diet, you can always ask to have Vegetarian Patty with your burger. We offer the veggie patty as an option to beef patty with all of our Burgers. We can keep or remove bacon at your request.

Our veggie patty is made with chickpea, quinoa, cornmeal, mushroom, onion, parsley, and seasoning.  They are housemade fresh in our stores to offer you, our guests, a delicious and healthy option.

Most Preferred Vegetarian Burgers by our customers: LA is my Lady with Veggie Patty, Jersey City without the Pancetta Bacon, or Cabo Diablo.


Please ask our chefs to take out the mayonnaise out of your burger. Some of our burgers have cheese in them so please ask those to be taken out as well.

Please Note that our Gluten-Free bun is not vegan as it has Egg in it.

Most preferred Vegan Burger Options: The Veganator was designed specifically for Vegans in mind with Guacamole instead of Mayonnaise, reLiSH, Lettuce, Tomato, Crunchy Chickpeas, Pickled Peppers, and Balsamic syrup!(Not available in all restaurants) Also, some yummy options are The Simpleton or The Rookie without the Mayonnaise or The Cabo Diablo without Sour Cream.

Gluten Free

We offer gluten free buns as a substitute for our regular buns.

Our GF buns are made in a dedicated gluten-free bakery facility. Carries the recognized Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) GF symbol.

Our Gluten free buns have these main ingredients: Corn Starch, Egg White, Sugar, Salt, Rice Bran and Germ, baking powder etc.

And Does NOT Include: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame, Soy, Milk, Wheat.

Taking Care of Your Diet

We all love burgers and we are also trying to balance our diet in terms of nutrition and calorie intake.

Being prepared with the freshest ingredients, reLiSH burgers provide many nutritious elements like proteins, vitamins, and fiber.

If you want control over your calorie intake, you can always choose not having mayonnaise in your burger OR ask for Bun Free Burger(prepared with a lettuce wrap).

To even add more nutrition, you may choose to ADD below ingredients to your burger:

Egg: Addition of a fried egg helps improve both the protein value of your burger and really adds a great depth of flavor to it, making it more filling and tasteful.

Avocado: With very low GI (Glycemic Index) value, Avocado is a very nutritious food, especially known for high levels of vitamin and mineral content. It has a very good amount of Vitamin K, C, B5, B6, E as well as Potassium (even more than Banana), Magnesium, Manganese etc.

It is known to be a fatty food but the fat is actually the oleic acid (like the one in olives) and is known to be very good for your health (heart healthy, reducing inflammation etc.) Check out this article about Avocado.

Cheese: in addition to the great flavor it adds to our meals, cheese is a very strong source of protein (cheddar cheese and ground beef having the same amount of protein value)

Health Concerns (Allergies, Intolerance to specific food)

Many of our customers have some level of intolerance to specific food.

Nut allergy is one of the most common. If this is your concern, beware that some of our burgers contain walnut pesto (The Harvest Jazz), sunflowers seeds (in our Cool Slaw). You may ask to remove these ingredients. Still, It is not possible for Relish to guarantee that all of our ingredients are nut-free.

For all of the concerns about your diet, please always talk to our Chefs in our stores about your food choices and ask for support. We love to care about your health and will do whatever we can to help you with it.